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Our SHOWROOM is located at

18 Pauline Ave, Dingley Village, VIC 

Contact Karin 03 9551 8923  or 0412 442 174 for an appointment





FOSTAC® Switzerland - the company develops, produces and distributes energized products under the trademark "FOSTAC®" and "BioPhoenix®" throughout Europe.

 Mind Body Spirit - visit and enjoy Australia's largest event for personal growth, natural therapies, alternative healing, self development, spiritual awareness and much more.

 Balance To Awareness - offers individual and group programs designed to alleviate stress, promote peaceful conflict resolution, enables personal empowerment, enhances creativity, and increases well-being.

 Lakshmis's Circle - offers an eclectic selection of gifts to uplift and inspire, natural, organic and environmentally friendly products, as well as readings and various workshops.

Feng Shui Conscious Environment - An ancient art, Feng Shui is based upon fundamental principles of all Chinese natural sciences. Moving and nourishing the chi or life force, is a goal of Chinese Medicine in order to maintain good health. Likewise a harmonious environment revitalizes us if the energy flows easily through our building.

Australian Centre for Spiritual Development - The centre is here to provide people from all walks of life with a peaceful and friendly place in which to come and learn all aspects of the spiritual world. The Courses are designed for those seeking a stronger Spiritual connection to the Spirit world and to the universal energies around us.

Joya Australia - Discover the easy way to relief muscle tension and stress! With JOYA Gemstone Massage Rollers you will get all the benefits of a massage without the effort!

The Health Art Collge - is the place for practitioner training in the art of healthful living. Offering a wide range in Accredited courses in Kinesiology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Beauty Therapy.

E-SIGHT Pty Ltd - provides wide range of custom software programming services including web development, desktop applications, e-commerce applications, graphic design and database development.