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WE ARE CLOSED AUG 15- 26 and no orders can be processed during that time 

Our SHOWROOM is located at

18 Pauline Ave, Dingley Village, VIC 

Contact Karin 0412 442 174 for an appointment





Are you affected by ?  
bullet   Electromagnetic Radiation  
    Caused by High-Frequency Antennas, mobile phone antennas, power transport lines, traffic lines.  
bullet   Electrosmog / EMF’s  
    Caused by electrical appliances, TV, Radio,  Computers, WLan, DECT wireless phones, mobiles phones, etc.  
bullet   Earth Rays  
    Such as Hartmann Grid, Curry-Net,
Ley Lines, Benker Grid
bullet   Geopathic Stress Zones             
    Caused by Fault Lines and Water Veins  
We offer bio-energetic testing of:  

spaceYour benefits:

bullet   Houses
bullet   Businesses
bullet   Practices
bullet   Buildings
    and offer individually tailored solutions
  bullet   Better health and wellbeing
  bullet   Improved sleep
  bullet   Higher energy levels
  bullet   Increased productivity in businesses
  bullet   Less sick days in businesses
  bullet   Interference - free  environment
  bullet   Water tastes better
  bullet   Reduced Stress
Electromagnetic Radiation, Electrosmog, Geopathic Stress, Bio-Energetic Testing, Better Sleep, Stress Relieve,sick days, Better Water,Hartmann Grid, Curry-Net, Ley Lines, Benker Grid, Fault Lines, Water Veins
Call us for an appointment or send us a floor plan (fee applicable, please enquire)
Electromagnetic Radiation, Electrosmog, Geopathic Stress, Bio-Energetic Testing