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bullet J. McCarron., Melbourne about Jetlag Pendant

I recently tested the FOSTAC® JET LAG PENDANT, an unobtrusive pendant you wear around your neck, on a recent 12 day trip to the US – flying from Australia the 8 hour time zone difference is enough to play havoc with your sleeping cycle and interrupt your normal routine. On previous trips I'd suffered the delayed effects of jetlag leaving my body clock out of whack and feeling very tired and spaced out for days. This time a snow storm in Chicago turned what should have been an 18 hour flight into 40 hours in the air and airport lounges. What was remarkable that despite no sleep, I suffered none of the debilitating effects of jetlag. Throughout the rest of my trip I found I require less sleep and needed much less time to recover than my travelling companions. Overall, I'd have to say my recovery was quite remarkable given the arduous nature of the flight, the long hours and intensive meetings I worked while overseas. Being fresh for meetings and on the ball is essential when you're away on business. You never get an hour back, so jetlag downtime and losing precious hours of your time is in reality very expensive.  For the small amount it costs I'd recommend any serious traveller invest in a pendant and try it yourself. Given the marked difference in my alertness and energy levels between this and previous travel trips, I'd definitely take one on my next flight.

bullet K. Wheeler, NSW about Indigo-blue Cone

When I was at the MBS in Sydney in May 2008:

I believe in wholistic healing in conjunction with conventional medicine and I also believe in science and metaphysics.  However I always have a healthy scepticism when introduced to new products that claim amazing results. My approach has always been to 'test it' and if it works, then 'test it on someone who is so down to earth and so logical/practical that they only believe in what they see in the real/mundane world'.

My partner is one of these realists and he has a few physical challenges such as knees that badly need an operation, injuries from a broken back some years ago, and arthritis.  Being a stubborn man he works endlessly and is too busy to stop or have the much needed operation which may now be overdue.

When at the Body Mind and Spirit festival I asked about tachyons and Karin asked if I had any pain in my body.  I said my heel and she began using a tachyon on it.  I didnt feel much at first and didnt really expect to because my heel had been giving me pain for 6 months with a combination of heel spur and tendon problem.  I had been limping and not been able to stand for more than an hour at that stage.  I wandered away to explore the rest of the festival (as I only had an hour before pain would set in).  4 hours of walking pain free passed and I returned to purchase that tachyon!  Occasionally I get twinges but the tachyon alleviates the pain and is a much better option than pain killers.

I tried it out on my partner, he was instantly amazed and told me to order more.  He calls me a witch doctor because he doesnt understand how a little piece of blue glass can do what it does.  He uses it after a hard days work and now combines the snuggle scarf for when he needs his hands free.

I have since purchsed other items and I am just as impressed.  The detox worked immediately alleviating an acid attack that medication or antacids didnt ease.