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Ready for something new?

We occasionally are offering new Reseller Workshops. Please enquire with us for details. 

Weekly Meditation Classes

Learn different ways to relax, undwind and de-stress. Give yourself the chance to feel re-energized, centered and grounded. You have the exclusive opportunity of using different Tachyon and Bio-Phonix® products for enhancement of a meditation.

Each meditation class is unique in that I take into consideration the group energy before proceeding, so that I can tailor it accordingly. For example we may start with a deep body relaxation then proceed to a guided visualization perhaps incorporating sound, crystals, cards or herbs. The last phase consolidates and anchors in the peace, tranquillity and any insights gained during the process.

 Thursdays 7.30pm until 8.30pm

Venue: 18 Pauline Ave, Dingley Village, VIC 3172

Costs: AU$10 per class

For more information or bookings please contact:

Karin 0412 442 174