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What are Tachyons

Technically or scientifically speaking Tachyons are characterized as theoretical particles which travel faster than light.

In a technical process is has become possible to alter the sub-atomic and energetic structure of materials in such a way that they act as antennas that permanently attract tachyon energy. They emit them into their surroundings, inducing a strongly energizing and harmonizing force field around them. This force field activates our self-healing capabilities and effectively protects us from negative outside influences. These materials retain this special property throughout their lives. Ie they don’t need to be ‘cleansed’ or ‘recharged’.

One of the main aspects of the Tachyon energy is its amazing ability to create order out of chaos effectively strengthening the energetic field which is directly linked to the physical body.

It then activates and intensifies the structure of the cells, reminding them of their perfect order and therefore restoring them to their natural state.

Tachyon products polarize incoherent fields, e.g. electromagnetic radiation (caused by electrical appliances, computers, TV, Radio, Wireless LAN etc.) as well as geopathic disturbances and therefore render them harmless for living organisms. Using Tachyon products, water, foods or medicines are energetically vitalized and cleansed.

Tachyons have a balancing, structuring, activating and harmonizing effect and a broad range of application in wellness, health and wellbeing.

The T3 Tachyon products have different shapes according to Sacred Geometry and different colours, with different meanings.

A quote from a book about tachyons: (M. Bochnik/Danahanh, Terra Tachyon)

“Like all constituents of matter, tachyons possess consciousness. They respond strongly to their environment and the needs of those who work with tachyons…"