SANA LEA with acryl stand
SANA LEA with acryl stand
SANA LEA with acryl stand
T3 Tachyon

SANA LEA with acryl stand

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The three-dimensional SANA LEA Tree of Life harmonises external Electromagnetic Pollution. It harmonises  EMR  within an area of 17m in diameter.

The SANA  LEA is also indicated in circumstances of strong  EMR  such as high-frequency mobile towers, (G3/G4), or in buildings with a large number of electronic devices, equipment and computers.

In the case of larger buildings, two or more SANA LEA's can be combined. Three of them, placed in the form of an isosceles triangle (with a side length of up to 16m), harmonises a floor area of up to 900m².

The SANA LEA can also be used to increase the energy flow in the body by simply placing it on the region of the heart with the pointed end towards the feet. It can also be placed on the Root/Base chakra for grounding.

A wooden stand to hang the SANA LEA  is available separately

Disclaimer: It is important to ensure that the  SANA LEA is very firmly fastened, as it can cause serious injuries should it fall. No liability will be accepted. Do NOT hang the SANA LEA  in the area where people move about or are seated.

Size: 148 x 65 mm

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