AIRWELLINO (price upon request)
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AIRWELLINO (price upon request)

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Available upon special order, please contact us for delivery options and costs.

The AIRWELLINO cleanses the air/atmosphere. It harmonizes harmful influences that are absorbed when we breathe, over a space of about 750 m in diameter. At the same time it harmonizes earth radiation, water veins and electro-smog up to a radius of 65 m, and it has positive effects on our well-being. 

The AIRWELLINO consists of one glass column, which can be illuminated alternately in different colours via an electronic controller. The colour can be set at a chosen value if desired, so it is also ideal f for colour therapy.

On either side of the column, are two RHO ROD with a radiated DNA spiral and a facetted sphere on top of each.

It is operated by a cable connection to the electrical socket.

Note: The AIRWELLINO weighs approx. 45kg. The price does not include delivery. Please contact us for shipping offer.

Material: Glass (base metal and slate)

Colour: Varying colours

Size: 40 x 30 x 95 cm

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