T3 Tachyon


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The DOUBLE LANTOS PYRAMID combines an integrated energy flow between heaven and earth. The twelve-angled shape symbolises the integration of all aspects of life. It fills the entire room with the energy of love and light.

The DOUBLE LANTOS PYRAMID harmonises Geopathic patterns (water veins, Hartman grid, Curry-Net and fault lines) as well as internal and external Electromagnetic Radiation (including WiMAX and high-frequency antennas). The Range of Effectiveness in Diameter: Earth Rays and internal electrosmog approximately 17m . External Electrosmog including WiMAX approximately 12m.

The DOUBLE LANTOS PYRAMID is also effective as protection for therapists and practitioners who take on energies from their clients.

An individual stand has to be ordered separately. Options: slate, wood or metall. 

Size: 70mm x 155mm

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