LIGHTTEMPLE (price upon request)
LIGHTTEMPLE (price upon request)
T3 Tachyon

LIGHTTEMPLE (price upon request)

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With the LIGHTTEMPLE all harmful radiations are harmonized, including water veins, fault lines, Curry Net, Hartmann Grid, geopathic lines, internal as well as external electromagnetic pollution. This makes the temple an ideal tool for comprehensive house harmonisations.

Through a harmonious energy vibration on higher-dimension planes, the LIGHT TEMPLE is also an excellent tool for therapeutic purposes and meditations.

The LIGHT TEMPLE has a pentagram-shaped base. The proportions of height and base are according to the "Golden Mean", leading to an ideal emanation of energy.

The energy created radiates up to a diameter of approx.40m.

It is available with gold or silver plates at the screws

Price incl. delivery upon request. Please enquire within. 

Size: 27 x 27 cm

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