T3 Tachyon


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The RADIMAX displays a maximum effect in the area of radiesthesia (geopathic stress). The RADIMAX harmonises within a radius of approx. 2m ( 4m diameter)  all types of geopathic influences such as water veins, fault lines, and also electromagnetic pollution caused by electrical appliances, computers, TV's, Radios, Laptops, power lines etc.

The RADIMAX is suitable for harmonizing office and workplaces, bedrooms, individual rooms.

In the car the RADIMAX reinforces the effects of the FOSTAC® AUTO CHI 

The RADIMAX also acts as a gate for angelic energies and can therefore be used for meditation. Energies of clarity and love will be attracted to the present.

Material: Glass with laser engraving

Size: 75 x 73 mm

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