T3 Tachyon


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BioPhoenix® SPHERES create energy fields and fill the room with light energy. They are suited for harmonizing diverse interfering geopathic patterns in living and work spaces.

In combination with 4 Y-PRISMS the effects of the earth's magnetic field (such as the Curry Net, Hartmann Grid, Benker Grid, etc.) and interferences such as water veins, fault lines, negative earth rays are harmonized. For a house harmonisation, the BioPhoenix® SPHERE is set up in the approximate centre of a building. The 4 Y-PRISMS are positioned in the corners of the house, such that the Y-PRISMS, arranged in an oblique position point to the buildin's centre. By doing this the surface should form a "Y"�. Please contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Fire danger in case of exposure to direct sun rays!

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