T3 Tachyon


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The TREE OF LIFE is a representation of man, embodying all aspects of life. It bears the potential to transmit the information to the whole body of how it is to function: It activates, realigns, centers and grounds the entire body.

The TREE OF LIFE represents an ancient symbol which explains the interrelated aspects of life and awakening and fostering the unused potentials of past, present and future. In sacred geometry, the Tree of Life links the heavens, the earth, and all that is and all that is between, creating omnipresence.

Its three-dimensional form in creates a gentle force to reach your full potential.

This form is also excellently suited for harmonizing the chakra system.

The TREE OF LIFE should NOT be worn overnight.

(sold in individual colours, few still available, please enquire within)

Material: Glass 

Size: 18 x 42 mm

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